Privacy Policy

Managing privacy policy offline and online for customer is main significance for Fastbookticket.com. This section will inform you regarding what we will do and won’t do with your personal information served at the time of booking a flight ticket, rooms in hotel as well as packages offered by Fastbookticket.com. You are requested to read entire policy carefully. We, Fastbookticket.com never share the information shared by customer with any third party without clear consent of customers.

Personal Information Collection

At the time of registration we collect two kinds of information: Personally Identification Information (PII) and Demographic Information. The users are requested to note that personal information is needed for making registration, demographic information is optional that may be provided at will of the customers. At the time of making registration, Fastbookticket.com requests the users to serve information such first name, middle initial, last name, an e-mail address. Additionally, every user has to pick a password to login.

Personal Information Use

One thing we would like to inform you that we neither share information given by you with third party nor sell the same to anyone. We collect demographic information such as gender, estimated age, name of the country, language, zip code, time zone, occupation and industry, etc. You have a choice to change these pieces of information whenever you want (except name of member) from within your Fastbookticket.com by logging-in into member’s area. You should note that we use your personal information for demographic statistics and to demonstrate suitably to targeted endorsements. For instance Fastbookticket.com conducts an internal research to know our members’ demographics, interested, as well as behavior on the ground of information provided by you at the time of registration. Normally, Fastbookticket.com automatically collects certain usage of information including numbers and frequency of visits to a location. The research based on collected information from customer is evaluated and analyzed on a combined basis, which means demographic information collected from you is never directly accessed. The collected data help us in knowing how many time a user of Fastbookticket.com use the part of the website. It further helps in enhancing and making the website of Fastbookticket.com appealing. You are requested to note that we never send any unwanted information such as email to customer except they show their willingness to receive such message or information by clicking the box on the member profile page. Just after making registration, a new user will receive a welcome message from Fastbookticket.com in which features offered by us are mentioned.

Use of Cookies

Fastbookticket.com normally uses “cookie” in order to find session of member on Fastbookticket.com and thus providing continuity as the member moves around the website. Cookie helps us in maintaining member’s information across connections. They are considered as small codes of character applied by most of the website in order to deliver data on one’s computer and it is in particular situation, return the information to website. This easy function of a cookie further helps the user to direct a website with little obstruction as possible.

Profile of Fastbookticket.com

At the time of registration process on Fastbookticket.com, you are given a chance to decide whether you wish your profile information to be made available for other members as well. These pieces of information are name of members, their email address, and homepage address. You have freedom to make changes in profile or remove the profile from the Fastbookticket.com at any time.


When Fastbookticket.com requests for personal information, the customers are sharing that pieces of information with Fastbookticket.com alone. We would like to inform you that Fastbookticket.com never share, sell, or rent information to anyone given by member, however as we have already discussed under the section on “Personal Information Use” particular demographic information is made available to other websites or advertisers on an combined basis. We never share the information served by customer, unless we think that it is essential to: either conform to legal requirements, protect the rights of Fastbookticket.com. You should know that all pieces of information served by you is password protected that means only you have access of this personal information. It is recommended that never share your password to anyone as we or our representative never ask password in any situation either through SMS or email. Any employee at Fastbookticket.com does not access of your data. This security has been defined in employee handbook and personnel are frequently reminded our privacy policy by circulating handouts and email reminders. Website security of Fastbookticket.com is analyzed by running security scripts on the website server that report any abnormal behavior. Don’t forget logout and also close your browser window after finishing your work so that antisocial element can’t access or misuse your personal information.

Planmyroutes.com Privacy Policy Changes

When Fastbookticket.com makes changes in its privacy policy, these changes will be displayed here so that you get aware with fact that what information Fastbookticket.com collects, how it uses the information, and whether Fastbookticket.com will disclose it to anyone. If Fastbookticket.com makes changes in privacy policy regarding how personally identifiable information of user is used, then additionally such modifications in this privacy statement, Fastbookticket.com will post information on the website that changes in privacy policy has been made.

Third Party Promotions

Fastbookticket.com possesses folders composed of link to third party websites. Customer should know that these number of link of website are not under the control of Fastbookticket.com and not associated with Fastbookticket.com. We are not anyway accountable for contents of any linked site or content for any link consisted in a linked site. It should be noted that we give these links only as an information service to our members or members of Fastbookticket.com have willingly listed their preferred website for the purposes of information in the folders managed by Fastbookticket.com. Therefore, a website consisted in link of a member list folder, group folder, on Fastbookticket.com does not specify advertisement of the linked website or its content by Fastbookticket.com.